Farm Animal Themed Free Dance Class for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Come with us on a trip to the farm where we explore the movement of Horses, Chickens, and Pigs in this creative and fun movement class for kids. We start off with a warm-up, then listen to the music for some inspiration as we gallop like a horse, flap our arms and poke our necks in and out like chickens and roll around in the mud like pigs. Then we play a game where we consolidate all the movement learning from the lesson and finish off with a cool down!


Having been a teacher in Australia with a Bachelor of Education (Primary), I am always looking at ways to creatively teach children and regularly used dance and movement in my classroom to enforce learning of concepts and material we were learning about in different areas of the school curriculum.

The following are some links and connections that can be made from this creative dance lesson to other areas of learning!

Mathematics or Arithmetic

There are plenty of teachers and parents who have created resources that you can use for mathematics lessons based on farm animals. I would recommend you use a search engine to look up terms such as ‘farm animal maths’ or ‘farm maths’ or maths activities about horses, chickens, and pigs and you will be surprised at the number of free resources available to you such as this idea for a counting game using little farm animals that I found on

English and Literacy

  • Create a spelling list of animals that you might see on farm.
  • Create a list of adjectives to describe horses, chickens and pigs.
  • Create a list of verbs to describe how horses, chickens and pigs move.
  • Write or tell a Recount about a time you have visited a farm or go on an excursion or outing to a farm to complete this activity.
  • Write a narrative about living on a farm.
  • Research and then write a report or explanation about horses, chickens or pigs.
  • Write an argumentative or persuasive essay expressing your position about farms based on research you have completed from topics covered in other curriculum areas below.
  • Read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ or other farm stories.


  • Go on an excursion to the farm or watch a documentary about these animals.
  • Study the differences between Agricultural and Animal farms. In what ways are they different and the same.
  • Explore how these animals have evolved over time.
  • Learn about the biology of farm animals.
  • Study the science of farming successfully.
  • Take on the role of a veterinarian or farmer, what type of environment and care do these animals need to survive?

Social Studies/History/Geography

  • Explore different farming practices around the world.
  • Investigate the history and development of farming practices throughout history.
  • Roleplay living on a farm.
  • Explore various animal farming practices based on how humanely the animals are treated.
  • Investigate animal cruelty on farms as well as farming that promotes the welfare of animals.
  • Investigate why some people choose to become vegans.

Art and Craft

While on Pinterest recently I found this dancing farm set, that I thought was really cute, and which works so well with our dance theme!

Samantha Bellerose

Samantha trained and worked professionally as a dancer and has a Diploma in Dance as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She currently runs Dance Parent 101 as well as Move Dance Learn whilst caring for her four children and enjoying life with her Husband.

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