Move Like a Jungle Animal Activity & Dance Class for Kids & Toddlers

Snap like a crocodile, swing like an orangutan and prowl like a lion as we move like wild animals in this jungle-themed creative dance lesson specially made for kids and toddlers.

The 15-minute lesson explores moving our bodies in fun and creative ways to carefully selected music specially chosen to help ignite the imagination and provide a beat and rhythm to dance to.

Great for an extended brain break in the classroom or even as a spring board to ignite learning in various areas of the curriculum both at school and for home learning, but also just alot of fun to do for any reason – especially if you are after some interactive screen time for your kids or toddler.

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As a teacher in Australia with a Bachelor of Education (Primary), I am always looking at ways to creatively teach children and regularly used dance and movement in my classroom to enforce learning of concepts and material we were learning about in different areas of the school curriculum.

The following are some links and connections that can be made from this movement lesson to various other areas of learning!

Mathematics and Arithmetic

  • Crocodiles as you can see in the image from are a great way to use imagery to teach mathematical concepts such as greater and less than or equal to.
  • You can learn about speed and time discussing how fast tigers run.
  • Discover how many toes each animal has and lead this into a discussion about why and how the base ten systems was developed. (Hint: tigers and crocodiles only have four toes on their back legs – if we had four toes on each leg or even on our hands would we still use a base-ten system?)
  • Count the number of teeth each animal has, what is the difference between each, which has more and less.
  • Use jungle animal figurines to show counting and arithmetic problems visually.

English and Literacy

  • Create a spelling list of jungle related words.
  • Create a list of adjectives and verbs that describe these animals or the jungle.
  • Recount a time you have visited the zoo or an animal sanctuary and seen these animals.
  • Write a narrative about going on a jungle adventure that includes a crocodile, orangutan or tiger
  • Research and then write a report or explanation about crocodiles, orangutans or tigers
  • Write an argumentative or persuasive essay expressing your position on zoos, hunting, urbanization or even mining or deforestation and the taking of animal habitats and their consequences.

Social Studies, Science & Technology

  • Go on an excursion to the zoo or watch a documentary about these animals.
  • Learn about Jungle ecosystems and why they are important for our Earth.
  • Explore how these animals have evolved over time.
  • Roleplay being a vet for a wildlife sanctuary or zoo – create a veterinarian clinic at home or in the classroom and discover how to care for these animals. (links to biology)
  • Research and find out if any of these animals are on endangered animal lists. Create a project or presentation or take some action to help the situation.


  • Mark on a map of the world all the locations that crocodiles, orangutans, or tigers live in their natural habitat.
  • Explore jungle ecosystems and the people and cultures, plants and animals that live in them.

Samantha Bellerose

Samantha trained and worked professionally as a dancer and has a Diploma in Dance as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She currently runs Dance Parent 101 as well as Move Dance Learn whilst caring for her four children and enjoying life with her Husband.

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