Mythical Creatures Movement & Dance Activity for Kids – Brain Break

Want a 15 minute Brain Break and Movement activity to get the wiggles out or to help begin the creative process of fictional or narrative writing??

Then join Celine and I on an adventure into a mythical world where we prance as unicorns, swim like mermaids, and fly like a phoenix. We start with a warm-up and then after we immerse ourselves with creative dance into the imaginary worlds where unicorns, mermaids, and phoenixes are alive we play a quick game where we practice all the creative dance skills we have just learned and then finish with a cool down.

This class is great for anyone with an interest in not only unicorns or mermaids, but also dancing in general and is great for both young toddlers as well as older kids. My five-year-old Celine who helped me film the video also came up with the idea to include Unicorns and Mermaids, I added in the Phoenix to round out a mythical creature theme and we hope you enjoy the lesson!

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As I have a Bachelor of Education and have taught in primary schools in Australia, I am always looking at ways to creatively teach children and regularly used dance and movement in my classroom to enforce learning of concepts and material we were learning about in different areas of the school curriculum.

The following are some links and connections that can be made from this movement lesson to various other areas of learning!

Mathematics and Arithmetic

Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest

Counting activities are always fun ones with kids especially if you can find what are called ‘manipulatives’ or basically things to actually count such as these mermaid erasers and activity. (Unfortunately it seems like the owner of this photo no longer has a website, but you can see from the image how the mermaid erasers could be used.)

If you do a search for unicorn maths you can find work sheets and packs such as the one in the photo from which you can check out here on their website

English and Literacy

  • Read books with mermaids unicorns and phoenixes in them. (Do a search of your local library catalogue and get a whole heap out to read at home).
  • Create a mythical creatures Spelling list.
  • Create a list of adjectives to describe unicorns, mermaids or phoenixes.
  • Create and draw your own unicorns, mermaids or phoenixes then label your creation using as many adjectives and verbs as you can to describe its features and how it moves.
  • Write a narrative or fictional story about an adventure with unicorns, mermaids or phoenixes.
  • Create your own imaginary and mythical world where unicorns, mermaids or phoenixes live and write an explanation to tell people everything they need to know about living there.
  • Write a fun argumentative or persuasive essay to defend the claim ‘Unicorns are Real’.

Social Studies and History

  • Investigate and study the background and history of mythical creatures.
  • Research and then write a report or explanation about your favorite mythical creature.

Science & Technology

  • If you search Unicorn science or Unicorn STEM on a search engine you will come up with lots of science and technology activities from making unicorn slime, or learning about liquid density and more. This pin image is from and you can check out all their unicorn science experiments here.


  • Where in the world do the myths behind these mythical creatures come from?
  • Create a map of a world where mythical creatures live.
  • Create a map of a new world or place where mythical creatures live and mark your map appropriately with a key, place names etc…


  • I found this cool unicorn art project through pinterest at tombow which you can take a look at through this link.

Samantha Bellerose

Samantha trained and worked professionally as a dancer and has a Diploma in Dance as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She currently runs Dance Parent 101 as well as Move Dance Learn whilst caring for her four children and enjoying life with her Husband.

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